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Guild Quest Submissions

Submit your completed tasks and prove your guild’s valor!

Submission Guidelines

  • Each guild can submit their tasks only once.

  • Ensure all tasks are completed and uploaded correctly.

  • Use the form below to submit your responses.

  • The submission deadline is [Date and Time].

Submit Your Tasks Here

Guild Information:

Task Submissions:

📸 Task 1: Main Character Image

Add a File

Name of the Anime Series

✨ Task 2: Spiky Yellow Hair Character

🍜 Task 3: Anime Meal Scene

Add a File

- Food Description

💥 Task 4: Memorable Fight Scene

Add a File

-Scene Description

🏡 Task 5: Slice of Life Series

🐾 Task 6: Adorable Anime Animal Companion...

Series Name

🧩 Task 7: Naruto Trivia

🎨 Task 8: Fan Art Showcase

💖 Task 9: Touching Romance Moment

Add a File

-Moment Description

📖 Task 10: Manga to Anime Adaptation

"Brave Guild Members, your submissions are received! Get ready for new challenges and glory! Yours in excitement, Grandmaster Yūsha."

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